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Advanced Trading Course

This course goes in-depth into the markets and shows you how to utilize the advanced trading tools available in the Xcite platform to your advantage.

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What you’ll learn

While 70Trades has a wide variety of courses for beginners, we also provide extensive training for more advanced traders. If you have at least 6 months of trading experience, then this course is perfect for you. This course provides extensive review of chart analysis and more complicated trading strategies used by leading investors from all over the world.

It provides extensive review of chart analysis and more complicated trading strategies used by leading investors from all over the world.

This course really helps you take your trading skills to the next level, by ensuring that you are better equipped at handling profit opportunities and by providing you with a better understanding of how to create flexible and adaptable strategies that can help you earn more in the long term.

This 70Trades course includes:

  • doneTechnical analysis review
  • doneAdvanced trading tools
  • donePortfolio management
  • doneMacroeconomics overview
  • donePolitical influence on the markets
  • doneAsset tracking and analysis

Become a better trader now.

See what some of our traders had to say about the 70Trades Advanced Trading course.

The advanced trading course helped increase my profits from online trading by over 30%. The tips and strategies I learned lowered my reaction time and helped me discover profit opportunities that I would not have seen previously. Last month I earned $4119.

Daniel Rizzo, 36, Milan

I was very impressed with the trading courses offered at 70Trades. But the advanced course really is in a league of its own. Despite the more complicated material we covered, my coach was really helpful in explaining everything I needed to know. The practical experience I had was very important. I highly recommend this course.

Ian McKenna, 29, Manchester

If you ask me whether or not you should sign up for this course, the answer is simple – yes. Not only is it free, but it will teach you principles that the majority of online traders don’t know. There is a science behind charts and analysis that you need to know. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the information. Take your time and use your trainer as much as you can.

Matteau Girard, 32, Lyon


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