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Every trader needs tools and at 70Trades we aim to provide our traders with the best tools – this is why we’re giving them access to Autochartist.

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About Autochartist

Autochartist is a tool that provides technical, fundamental and statistical analysis. The use of this tool helps traders save time and improve their trades and strategies.

The tool is easy to understand and scans the market to highlight the best profit opportunities for you. It helps with filtering big amounts of data, predicting future price movements, identifying chart pattern and more.

Who can benefit?

Both beginner and advanced traders can benefit from using Autochartist.

Beginner traders can use it to get a clear picture of all the data collected from the markets and understand the way the market works faster.

Experienced traders can save time, improve their trades and develop even better trading strategies.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated technical analysis – get analyses on chart patterns, support and resistance levels, price forecasts and more, represented in a way you can easily understand;
  • Volatility analysis – this important feature shows you when the market is most volatile and helps you set appropriate exit levels;
  • Daily market reports – never miss a trade opportunity again – get important updates about lucrative opportunities directly to your phone;
  • Probability filters – filter important market events of significant value and check past performance and patterns with this easy-to-use scanner;
  • And much more!


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